Dahlia picking garden

After your visit to the dahlia show garden or following an excursion why not pick your own bunch of dahlias?
It is entirely up to you which types and colors you put together for your vase.

How does the picking work?
Ask our employees in the greenhouse for a bucket and scissors. They will explain how and which dahlias you can pick. Be creative and dare to make adventurous combinations. Nothing is too crazy! After you have finished picking, hand in the bucket. Our employees will tie your bunch and wrap it if you waant to give it as a gift.

Not a local? Then bring a bucket from home that can hold water, so  your beautiful bunch is not left in the car, bus or train for too long without water.

When to pick?
You can pick dahlias in our pick-your-own garden as long as they flower. In principle, this is from mid-August to mid-October, but it all depends on the weather. Sun and rain influence the growth and flowering and nature really sets the pace.

Our pick-your-own garden is open this year from 8 August to 10 October, 2024