Pick-your-own-tulip garden

After the excursion, take the experience home with you by picking your own bouquet of tulips in our
pick-your-own garden. You can also just drop by without an appointment to pick a bouquet of your own choice.
How does this work? Ask our employees in the greenhouse for a bucket. They will then explain how and which
tulips you can pick and you are all set to unleash the inner florist in you.
When you are finished picking, hand in the bucket of tulips. If you wish, our employees make it into one
beautiful bouquet.
Did you know that picking tulips is also fun for children to do (under supervision)?

You can pick tulips in our pick-you-own garden as long as the tulips grow and bloom. This
depends on the weather because sun and rain will influence the growth and flowering season. Nature determines this
own pace.